Craft A Brew – Home Brewing Ingredient Kit (5 Gallons) (Oktoberfest Ale)

  • Brand: Craft A Brew


  • BEER INGREDIENT KIT– It’s bad luck to leave a carboy empty. Restock your beer making kit with the house developing components you require to brew your next beer of the month, including dry malt extract, hops, grains, yeast, and a grain steeping bag.
  • MUNICH CALLING– Oktoberfest is here, any place and whenever you want “here” to be. With a light red shade, subtle bitterness, caramel sweet taste, and a clean dry finish, you can enjoy this full-bodied, malty beer just like they perform in old Bavaria.
  • HOMEBREW INGREDIENTS– This 5-gallon brew is for the beer maker in you! Keep your brew beer package equipped and prepared for more, and make your beer making packages complete again.
  • SMALL BATCH BEER BREWING KIT– Beer brew again! If you’ve already delighted in the beer brewing starter set, don’t purchase more home brewing starter sets– get a recipe refill!
  • CRAFT A BREW QUALITY– Each beer crafting set and all our homebrew dish kits for beer are put together by hand in Orlando, FL instilled with the core worths of offering premium active ingredients, stylish and efficient style, and an ecologically sustainable state of mind. Enjoy beer properly with your own Craft a Brew set.

Item Info

  • Color: Oktoberfest Ale